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 As an entrepreneur and a lover of animals, I often looked for ways to make my dog and cat happy and find healthy safe toys for them.

That being said, I have opened up an internet store, http://www.petsrlove.net. Here you will find unique products as well as items for your voiceless family members to show off for Christmas.

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Another Terrorist Attack

On Monday 22, 2017, in Manchester England, Salman Ramadan Abedi, 22 years of age, attacked a concert, killing 22 people and wounding 59 concert goers and who also died in the attack.
According to the BBC the terrorist is possibly of Libyan descent. Does this make people suspicious of the young who have such ancestors? Sadly, it does. There is an old saying, “Once bitten, twice shy”. In other words, if somebody does you wrong then we tend to be concerned about such whatever race they are.
Do not accuse me of being a bigot and discriminatory. I will never apologize for being cautious of anybody, no matter their race or ancestor, or religion, whenever they commit such horrendous acts as that which was done on May 22, 2017. Apparently, the terrorist ancestors may have been born in the Middle East.
Because of this civilized people tend to fear those from the Middle East. Many young pay attention to ISIS and Al-Quida, and we seldom, if ever trust them. These terrorists’ groups wish to take over the world, especially murdering the Christians and Jewish people.
Do not call Americans bigots for we are not. Our aim is to protect our nation and the world by whatever means, possible. If you who are of a race that has criminals and terrorists among them, then you need to stand up with Americans and Europeans to combat the horrendous actions that are taking place across the world to make a point. When you cover up or are aware of their aims, then you have become just as guilty.
Ida Temple
Mansfield PA

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